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Guidelines for the Everfree 2015 Charity Quilt are up! Go check them out: 

18 deviants said I can't sew, but I'll definitely be watching the progress!
9 deviants said Yay! I'm totally going to try to participate this year!
4 deviants said Meh.
1 deviant said I'd love to help, but I can't commit at this time.




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Commissions are currently closed

Trades are closed for the time being, but hopefully I'll have time for more in a few months.

If you are considering commissioning an OC from me in the future, please keep in mind the points from Nazegoreng's guide to making an OC plush friendly:

My patterns are not available for sale or for free, though I'm happy to give sewing advice where I can. If you are looking for a pony pattern to make your own plush there are a couple great ones available from other artists!

:iconvalleyviolet: has some patterns for sale here:… including a standard mare, stallion, and filly!

:iconmunchforlunch: sells a cute pattern too along with a selection of different mane and tail patterns!…

:icondolphinwing: has several patterns here:… including a standard mare pattern, mane patterns for the mane six, and her own sitting pony pattern.

:iconvoodoo-tiki: has a cute free pattern available with a tutorial.

If you are interested in seeing work in progress pictures or reading my thoughts/rants about sewing check out my Tumblr: or my Twitter:

EFNW 2015 quilt assignments

Journal Entry: Fri Jul 25, 2014, 12:06 AM
Edit: I still haven't heard from a lot of you confirming that you have seen your assignment. If your name is on this list and you have not commented or sent me a confirmation note, please do so! I'll probably send notes out this weekend to anyone I haven't heard from, but I'd prefer to not have to send many :)

Okay, finally got this all done! Here are the assignments for the EFNW 2015 charity quilt! Please review the guidelines for the squares that I posted in my previous journal:

EFNW 2015 Charity QuiltEdit: Requests are open for just a tiny bit longer. I do have enough people now and am working on assignments, though nothing will be finalized until after the request period is over. I will need to put a few people on the backup list. Right now it's coming down to giving new people a chance versus sticking with people I know I can count on because they all did such great work last year. It's a really hard decision process! I don't want to hurt anyone's feeling by not choosing them! I appreciate every single one of you who volunteered your time, whether I end up choosing you for the final list or not :)
It's time to plan for the Everfree 2015 Charity Quilt! We need to figure out exactly who is participating and who gets what square as well as hashing out all the details!  Here are the major requirements:
Each person will be responsible for making one 12x12 inch square themed around the episode they are assigned. While the image on your square should be 12x12 please m

If you have any questions at all, don't hesitate to send me a note! Also please either respond to this post or send me a note to let me know you saw the assignment list. If you don't then I'll send a note your way sometime this weekend, but it would be much easier for me if I don't have to send notes out to every person. Remember if you are on the backup list it isn't because I didn't think you'd be good enough to make a square. I jut had too many people to choose from and it was a very hard decision! If anyone does need to drop out I will contact people on the backup list first :)
  1. Friendship Is Magic 1: SarahPixel
  2. Friendship Is Magic 2: Drachefrau
  3. The Ticket Master: CrazyTwin13
  4. Applebuck Season: Peruserofpieces
  5. Griffon the Brush-Off: Bakufoon
  6. Boast Busters: Nazegoreng
  7. Dragonshy: sugarstitch
  8. Look Before You Sleep: adamlhumphreys
  9. Bridle Gossip: PrinceOfRage
  10. Swarm of the Century: Shihazriah
  11. Winter Wrap Up: GreenTeaCreations
  12. Call of the Cutie: je33e
  13. Fall Weather Friends: SpaceVoyager
  14. Suited for Success: WhiteHeather
  15. Feeling Pinkie Keen: EquestriaPlush
  16. Sonic Rainboom: Ivory-Bolt
  17. Stare Master: NerdyKnitterDesigns
  18. The Show Stoppers: Arualsti
  19. A Dog and Pony Show: buttsnstuff
  20. Green Isn't Your Color: Sophillia
  21. Over a Barrel: Caerdwyn
  22. A Bird in the Hoof: Nsomniotic
  23. The Cutie Mark Chronicles Chochomaru
  24. Owl's Well That Ends Well: makeshiftwings30
  25. Party of One: Yunalicia
  26. The Best Night Ever: fireflytwinkletoes
  27. Center Square: WhiteDove-Creations


Most popular square requests were Dragonshy (not surprising!) and Look Before You Sleep (that was more surprising to me!). Squares with the fewest requests were The Best Night Ever (What the heck guys? I thought you would love this!), Friendship is Magic part 1, Over A Barrel, Fall Weather Friends, and Cutie Mark Chronicles. Sonic Rainboom also didn't have very many requests until right towards the end and still had fewer than I would have expected. Lots of surprises here!


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Wow thanks for the Llama! Love 
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Hi! I'm back with improvements :) If you could be so kind, thanks much again for the feedback ~
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Hey! I remember you saying you were looking for a color that would work for Apple Rose - that kind of peachy skin tone? I just ordered some Coral from Minky Baby Fabric and it looks pretty much exactly that color to me.
WhiteHeather Featured By Owner May 30, 2014  Professional Artisan Crafter
Yep! I actually ordered some of that after I got swatches from them...not to find the time to make Apple Rose and Granny Smith ^^;
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