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November 8, 2013
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Nov 8, 2013, 7:08:31 PM
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Rarity Collection by WhiteHeather Rarity Collection by WhiteHeather
I thought some people might be interested in what my Rarity collection currently looks like.

I think I might have a problem...

And that problem is that I still haven't made a Rarity for myself!

From left to right and top to bottom the collection consists of the following:
  • Rarity by *Nazegoreng
  • Tiny Rarity by *FollyLolly
  • Monster High Spectra with sewing accessories
  • Rarity Poster from Everfree NW 2012 signed by Tabitha St. Germain
  • Aurora Rarity face purse
  • Equestria Girls deluxe Rarity doll
  • Filly Rarity trading card
  • Aurora Rarity cutie mark purse
  • Rarity and Steven Magnet mini figures
  • Rarity keychain thing from Welovefine
  • Rarity brushable styled by me
  • Famous Friends mini figures
  • Aurora Rarity plush
  • Couture Rarity custom by *Nazegoreng
  • Rarity by *Serenity-Sama
  • Camping Rarity by *fireflytwinkletoes
  • Comic box set with rarity cover
  • Rarity Automaton by ~renegadecow
  • Butterfly Rarity by *SpaceVoyager
  • Beatnik Rarity by *makeshiftwings30
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hystree Featured By Owner Dec 17, 2013  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter

This is so cool, I love seeing multiple artist's work together!  So interesting to see all the differences and similarities.  Looking at collections I've been thinking I need to make a larger size for mine too, think they're probably on the smaller end of artist plushes compared to everyone else, makes me feel a bit inadequate :p  Well especially compared to Nazegoreng's xP

 A fine collection you have so far, worthy of this lovely pony.  Dat poster.

WhiteHeather Featured By Owner Dec 17, 2013  Professional Artisan Crafter
How tall are yours?

And yeah, Naze's ponies are huge!  I wouldn't worry if yours aren't as big as her's are :P  I know SpaceVoyager is actually making her pattern a little smaller now.  I think the size variety is nice!
hystree Featured By Owner Dec 20, 2013  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter

Mine are a spare 13" hoof to head.  I think they also tend to be more slender than  many other artists though, so it seems smaller.  I was thinking an additional pattern that's 15-16", just for personal variety.  Hmmm.

lol yeah, I don't need to make them a lot bigger, though I've wanted to try out a large pony at some point too, maybe double size.

WhiteHeather Featured By Owner Dec 20, 2013  Professional Artisan Crafter
Mine are about that size too, maybe 14 inches, but not much bigger!  I don't have one with my latest pattern here with me to actually measure, so I'm looking at one of my older ones.  I want to make a smaller pattern, as I mentioned.  I also want to make my princess patterns larger than they were to be actually in scale and a smaller filly pattern for the same reason.

I've actually really wanted to try making a "life sized" pony, but I have no idea where I'd put it and I'm certainly not going to make one to try and sell.  Shipping that would be a nightmare!  Plus I think it would be really difficult to get what it was worth.  Maybe I should make a "life sized" filly. That would be a lot smaller :p
hystree Featured By Owner Dec 21, 2013  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter

Well that little bit can make a difference!  Mine are only 13" because I tweaked the pattern so many times making their legs and necks longer :P

Smaller is always cuter, it's just too bad how much harder it makes it to sew.  Was thinking.. if I think if I wanted tiny ponies for myself I'd just do away with all the extraneous darts and sharp curves, lol.  I kinda wish I had made my first ponies bigger so the fillies would be easier to sew now.  But it'd be nice to make the princesses bigger, I think, I like to keep them in scale too :)

How big is lifesize now?  I always picture the ponies as like a medium size dog, maybe because their heads are so big and it'd be weird to see a big pony in real life like that o_o  In any case lifesize filles sounds like a great idea :D

WhiteHeather Featured By Owner Dec 21, 2013  Professional Artisan Crafter
I think my ponies are fatter than yours too which, as you said, can make them feel much larger without actually having them much taller.

Yeah there are so many fiddly little parts when they get tiny.  Also even though they are super cute when they are tiny, they aren't nearly as nice to hug!

While there isn't a hard set size for "life sized" I think he general consensus from the few different things I've looked at is that they are around three and a half feet tall excluding horns or crazy big hair.  Fillies, then would be a little more than two feet tall, which is probably a more reasonable size of plushie to make!  Maybe I can make a life sized filly Rarity!  Because obviously if I'm making it for myself it has to be Rarity :P   I wish there were some way to make a plushie that could actually stand in her getting pulled by her horn to a rock before getting her cutie mark pose.  That is just the first thing that Springs to mind when I think of filly Rarity.
RociCandyPop Featured By Owner Dec 6, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
OH MY GOSH... I'm very jealous, seriously. Rarity is my favorite pony!!!
Tarjar3 Featured By Owner Nov 29, 2013
Needs more Rarity. We need to go deeper.
EquestriaPlush Featured By Owner Nov 20, 2013  Professional Artisan Crafter
This is a very nice collection
WhiteHeather Featured By Owner Nov 20, 2013  Professional Artisan Crafter
Thanks! :D
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